The Organization Of Independent Candidates comprise of citizens of Trinidad & Tobago just like you. These are not career politicians but citizens who want to work for a better Trinidad & Tobago for their children and grandchildren

The Executive

Randy Deoraj (Chairman).

Vanessa Osborne Seales.

Clark Mathew.

Richard Edwards.

Alicia Bhaggan.

Kent Ali.

Rajnath Mohammed.

Nathaniel Indarsingh.

Maniram Ramlogan.


National Security Advisor

Ray Banwarie.

The Committment of The O.I.C.

The Organization Of Independent Candidates was founded on the basis of of the core values of the leader, that being a belief in being a good steward of resources and in exercising frugality, that family is of fundamental importance, that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned and, last but not least a belief in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. That coupled with his principles such as Giving, Self Discipline, Patience, Diligence, Focus and  Wisdom, then The Organization of Independent candidates has started on a solid and sound foundation.


The Organization of Independent candidates is a movement led by an established world recognized businessman. Unlike the previous leaders (Prime Ministers : Dr. Rowley being a vulcanologist, Kamla Bissessar being a lawyer, Patrick Manning being a geologist, Basdeo Panday being a lawyer, etc), the leader of the O.I.C. brings a wealth a high level management and finance experience both locally and internationally. He is also highly experienced in International Politics amongst other disciplines and most importantly, the O.I.C is an organization that will be financed by the leader in the 2020 General Elections. This is truly a man who is putting his money where his mouth is.


The O.I.C. will target unemployment by creating jobs in the agricultural sector through the financing of farms. This will assist in reducing prices of agricultural produce, creating jobs and helpog to grow small business. The strategy of the O.I.C. will be to offer parcels of land to interested farmers with the incentive that they will own the parcel after 20 years once they meet the yearly agricultural guideline. They will also be entitled to low interest government backed loans for the acquisition of equipment and the building of homes and/or related structures for their business.


The Organization Of Independent Candidates will:
-Ensure that the Director of Public Prosecutions Office is properly funded and staffed. Because of this chronic underfunding, crime and murders have increased over the years because of the lack of proper tools to prosecute criminals.
-Create and maintain a General Sex Registry and Criminal Deportee List and expand this to the CARICOM thereby being able to monitor the movements of criminals across the region.
-Create a system and facilities for battered women and have proper and well staffed shelters to assist battered women.
-Prepare and pass a cyber crimes bill and monitor and prosecute criminals who use the internet for child pornography, online fraud and general cyber crimes.



  • The O.I.C committed to meet with Muslim and all religious leaders to get direction and opinions on a more harmonized way forward for the society.


  • The O.I.C. committed to have an open and regular dialog with single mothers to ensure proper support of the family unit and adequate funding and educational facilities for children of single mothers,


  • The O.I.C. committed to start and properly fund Tourism classes as a foundation and base for the growth of tourism in Trinidad and Tobago to show those concerned the viability of the tourism industry and also to offer incentives for businesses and individuals to be involved in tourism.


  • The O.I.C. committed to work on traffic alleviation and a better use of the existing road ways.


  • The O.I.C. committer to work with the stake holders to increase and improve the agricultural sector towards a goal of self sufficiency.