Political Leader

Ahamad J Khan was born in Montreal, Canada to parents born in Trinidad and Tobago who were themselves descendants of Indian Indentured Labourers.


From a very young age Ahamad had an affiliation for business and after returning to Trinidad with his parents in 1973 showed his business acumen by selling stickers to other students while attending San Juan Presbyterian School to make extra money. After securing his first choice at The Common Entrance Examination Ahamad attended St; Georges College in Barataria where he secured seven A’s at the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examinations. Ahamad then went on to secure Three A’s at the Advanced Level Examinations in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


After completing his Advanced Level Studies Ahamad spent 18 months working at Seeraram Brother’s Limited directly in the accounting department where he was responsible for preparing and submitting work claims to the various accounts departments of different government agencies. Through this Ahamad gained experience in how the process worked and the details of how claims were paid and disbursed. Ahamad developed a strong and lasting friendship with Hugh Francis the then Minister of Works under the PNM Government.


In 1987 Ahamad went to Canada to continue his studies and graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc in Biochemistry, subsequently completed an M.B.A at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before returning to McGill University to complete an MBBS. Although he chose not practice medicine as a career Ahamad has been instrumental on panels at many institutions in Trinidad and Tobago including the St. Clair Medical Centre, and also does pro-bono medical work in his spare time.


Ahamad is also actively involved in several charitable organizations including Musicians on Call, The Rainforest Foundation Fund, The Bob Woodruff Foundation and The Melanoma Research Alliance. Ahamad is also a trustee with Kiva.org which offers micro loans to small business and individuals who are running home based businesses. Ahamad was one of the first responders on the ground bringing water and food supplies to those affected after Typhoon Yolanda devasted the city of Tacloban in the Philippines. Ahamad also directly supports several charities in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and The Philippines for orphaned children and single mothers by supplying food clothing and school supplies.


During his time in Canada and while studying Ahamad ran several successful companies including a whole sale distribution company, a packaging company and a chain of groceries. Ahamad returned to Trinidad in 1998 and was instrumental is assisting Basdeo Panday and the UNC to make inroads into gaining office after they were removed. However, after an 18-18 vote, the then President A.N.R. Robinson appointed Patrick Manning as Prime Minister.


Ahamad continued his business ventures and bowed out of politics and founded and successfully ran businesses in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and The USA. In 2003 he moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when he was offered a Senior Management position at Citibank to build International Networks. During his time In the USA he becaume owner/ shareholder in Bank of America, Lloyds of London, Fannie Mae and Ford Motor Company.


In 2009 while in Florida Ahamad was approached by Kamla Persad Bissessar who wanted to contest the leadership of the UNC. Through prudent campaign management and a vast network he was able to help her become leader of the UNC, subsequently leader of the opposition, and eventually Prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Because of questionable decisions and choices of Ministers Ahamad severed all ties with the Government and remained inactive until through the prompting of friends and associates he formed the O.I.C.


With a vast network in Trinidad and Tobago and internationally, and extensive background and experience in finance and management, Ahamad J Khan has the required skill, knowledge, and expertise to lift Trinidad and Tobago to First World status.