My Initial Message

My fellow Trinidad and Tobago citizens. I speak to you today to offer you the change that has slowly begun to sweep across the globe. As we have seen in the Philippines with the election of President Rody Duterete, as we have seen in The United Kingdom with the BREXIT vote and most recently in The United States with the election of President Donald Trump, the common man is using his vote as a matter of change to show the institutions that he is tired of their rhetoric and deceit. No longer will the politicians be able to spew promises to the voters only to neglect them in favor of friends and financiers. The voters have now awaken and will not accept broken promises election after election.
I am a patriot and my message is simple to all Trinidad and Tobago Citizens. If you are happy with the crime in the country, if you are happy with the high food prices, if you are happy with the low wages and if you are happy with the service at the hospitals and the lack of water and road conditions then continue voting how you have been voting in the past.
If you yearn for the change to bring down food and gas prices, a country with little or no crime, wages in comparison with The United States, Canada or The United Kingdom, Universal Health Care for all, a reliable and constant supply of water and accessible roadways without the congestion of traffic then all I ask is that you give us a chance to run the country the way it should be run. As you get to know us you will realize that we have the experience and qualifications to deliver on what we promise
The Organization of Independent Candidates comprise representatives from your community whom you know and trust. These are not career politicians but are people who believe in a brighter future for their children and grandchildren.
We are all citizens of this great country and regardless of our political affiliation or position we all want the same thing. We have voted with the same hopes and aspirations but they have been dashed time and time again. Now is the time for a change from the status quo and a change to secure a better future for all.
The Leader of The Organization of Independent Candidates and next Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago pledges that his salary will be donated to a worthy cause and his Ministers will not accept the huge, overinflated salaries and perks that Ministers presently enjoy while citizens suffer. These representatives are satisfied with serving for the glory of service and are not looking to attain office to make a living. The Leader pledges that he will have an open door policy to listen one on one to citizens and their concerns and have them immediately addressed. The Leader will be in The Country for at least 95% of his term since again he is not looking for office to see the world.
Anyone can become an Independent Candidate with our support and backing so long as his heart is in what he does and he is patriotic to the country. My success will be your success.
If you the citizens want this change then it is up to you, we need your support moving ahead because we will not solicit financing from big business which will expect favors when we get into office. I urge you to look at our website and FB page and see what we offer and the bright and prosperous future Trinidad and Tobago can have.
Thank you for you time and I look forward to meeting you soon.