Learn to Lead, Learn to Feel, Learn to Love

I am calling on the Government and Opposition of Trinidad and Tobago to do two things

1. Educate themselves in the art of leadership

2. Learn to feel the mood of our nation’s people, empathize with our pain, and give us real solutions.

Just because you have been elected to an office does not mean you have influence or respect among the majority of the population. Influence and respect must be earned by moral credibility and engaging at risk sectors of society.

This is why some were calling for Abu Bakr to settle the crisis in Enterprise rather than PM Dr. Keith Rowley or the National Security minister. Abu Bakr has more moral credibility and influence than our elected government in this sphere of society.

The police, army and government have no influence in gang held communities and this will only get worse until the leadership culture of Trinidad and Tobago changes for the better.

Furthermore the average citizen is getting the sense that the government only cares about defending itself and blaming the Opposition.  The mood of the nation at the present time requires radical action to deal with the crime situation.

Instead of radical action to fix the police service or justice system what we get is a bill criticized by senior counsel as “Old Talk”’ and more promises of a death penalty when it takes a decade to convict a murderer.

The people cry out for peace and bread while parliament attempts to feed them with words and bury their children with rubber stamps

As a Christian I believe leadership must be grounded in love , and the greatest must be the servant of all.

To quote the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Love is one of the pinnacle parts of the Christian faith. There is another side called justice . And justice is really love in calculation””.

There will be no justice in Trinidad and Tobago until our leadership learns to lead from a genuine love for our people.

Contributed by Attorney Jonathan Bhagan


Christian Youth Foundation ,

Queen’s Young Leader Runner up 2017

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