June 2017 Tropical Storm Bret.

As I observe the situation unfold in Trinidad and Tobago with the onslaught of Tropical Storm Bret, I am grateful that it was not a Hurricane of Category 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. For had a storm of those magnitudes hit the twin island paradise who can predict the devastation and loss of life that would have occurred. 


Trinidad and Tobago being the country that it is, with rich resources and talented people, there is only one thing that can be said. We have failed ourselves by continuously voting into office the same caliber of politicians who make grandeur promises during election time but once in office only become the same previous government that they condemned when in opposition. I can not help but amuse myself as I observe politicians and other elected officials now scramble for political mileage they can acquire by giving the impression that they care. The prudent question is that both the PNM and UNC have been in office in excess of 5 years each, some more than the other and why are we as citizens still facing this type of flooding, Lest we forget, even if a small amount of rain falls, we experience flooding.







How much longer will the population sit idly by as the country is raped by successive administrations and, for which ever party is in power the oppositions followers continuously cry out of corruption and theft but become quickly silent when their party is in power. Citizens must stop this tribal allegiance and realize that regardless of party allegiance every citizen wants the same thing. Did the floods target only UNC or PNM followers. No, the victims were citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Until we start voting as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago for our betterment as citizens we will continue to be in the same predicament year after year. We do not need the same recycled politicians who are bankrupt of ideas and a vision. We need a new leader to evolve, someone who is patriotic and puts country first, a savior who will put his heart into working for the country and not just looking for “ah wuk” for 5 years. Tell your family, friends  and neighbors. The Organization of Independent Candidates is the party and its leader will be the Prime Minister to lead this country into prosperity. A man who has a track record of helping, charity and putting people before anything else.

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  1. Well said. Enough, that should be the cry; enough of the corruption, enough of the pillage, just enough. Time for something new.

  2. You said it very well.
    Up until yesterday a former principal and I were having this very discussion.
    We reach a simple minded solution of establishing lakes or creating a huge damn that would act as a collector for the waters that would cause flooding…more as i remember it.. lil sleepy so retainment in a mess..

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