I am one of the few, the chosen few, who’ve supported and voted for different governments over the years, been elected to Parliament and served as both a Cabinet Minister and a Supreme Court judge. I am in a shallow uncovered grave in the political cemetery quite capable of clawing my way out.

I watch with a bated breath at the busy political cemetery as political carcasses hit the ground the result of backstabbing and intrigue. Often strange political dead beats visit to ensure that graves are properly covered over to confirm that the politically dead remain just there.

I have no idea why a former erstwhile colleague and his big league comrade in the law would come digging resurrecting memories of the gravedigger in the Good the Bad and the Ugly. It safe, it safe.

Now on to the burial of emailgate. Few were in the belly of the beast as I was between 2010-12. Few enjoyed email from colleagues as I had been, and few knew the language in circulation as I did.

In 2013 I contributed to the debate in Parliament when emails were introduced. I remarked then that much of the substance in the emails I could’ve recognized both in use of English and current matters known in closed political circles. I urged the authorities to immediately have the matter investigated.

It never was, at least not for an extended period while Google servers might have still had an access it lost with time. They threw me out of Parliament to silence my voice but I continued to speak of the need for the Attorney General as Central Authority under a treaty with the USA to invoke provisions of the Treaty to get Google to search its facilities. This was done but long after their routine wipes. And so went the proof if any.

When I hear these disgusting politicians claiming exoneration I wonder what God they serve.

Rather than sponsor an Ecumenical High Mass concelebrated by the Archbishop to thank God for an undeserved delivery they go on national television crying crocodile tears of injustice. Good for them. God don’t sleep and neither does his people on earth. WE REMEMBER

Herbert Volney.

Herbert Volney served on the judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago from  – 

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