Embracing the Lesson of Recession.

Our dear Prime Minister’s response to the collapse of the economy was not so impressively relayed when he said that we should “tighten our belts” but since it seems at times that he doesn’t have the best script writer at his side I’ll share with you some of my views on this challenging event we term as “The Recession”.
Now let’s face it, this is a time that we have no other choice but to welcome. We can cry and complain all we want but that isn’t going to make any one of our ministers share in their tens of thousands of dollars worth of compensation each month. The majority of us just have to do what we need to in order to survive, so here’s what I think: we shan’t fight it. Instead, open your doors to it. I mean it’s not going anywhere any time soon so like everything else in the evolutionary series, let’s adapt to its nature. It’s hard, yes, but this is a time for reflection. 
Ask yourselves: was I really splurging my salary each month on unnecessary objects? Was I saving enough? Was I maximizing the value I could have gotten from the money I was making? Once you’ve done this the next step is cutting back. You’ve grown accustom to a wasteful lifestyle but reality check: were the parties, movies 3 times a week, hair, nails, branded clothes and restaurants a little too much? Picking up the most expensive stuff in the grocery huh? Need to actually use everything in your cupboard now instead of wasting and throwing away? How much charity did you give back? How much did you help your friends, families and the ones around you? 
Before you overwhelm yourself with a negative mindset do some soul searching. Then comes the final step: survival. It was only about 300 decades ago that money was invented so did you ever think about how people survived without it? They lived didn’t they? Well they survived by doing just about anything to survive. So Mr. Engineer, you got laid off and need to go and work in a tire shop now? SO BE IT! Madam supervisor, you lost your job and have to put a table by the road selling bottled seasoning now? SO BE IT! Don’t let your former status or education get to your head, we’re all here to do the same thing. EXIST. Try to do it as peacefully as possible. Nobody said it would be easy. 
Spend time planting that kitchen garden that you never got a chance to. Remember: a dollar saved is a dollar earned. So you have a skill? Then offer it! Social media is the cheapest form of advertising. Get your small business ideas circulating by the hundreds of ‘friends’ you have. There’s no shame in survival. The recession can provide some positive. It means getting those lazy minds thinking about what you can do to put bread on the table and stop relying on one single source of income.
Amanda R.
South Oropouche

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  1. well said.. you are quite right.. we have become too dependant as a nation when we were forged from the love of liberty to become an independent nation..

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