Ahamad Jeffrey Khan.

With Apologies to the gospel of Saint Mathew: Chapter 27, verses 4 to 6, and to gospel of Saint Mark, Chapter 15, Verse 34, Jesus after asking His Father for forgiveness for the people, and after entrusting the people to His mother and the latter to Saint John, cried in a very pained voice: “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani?” That was Aramaic, the language of Jesus which means “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Abandoned Me?” Today, God has not abandoned us. It is the politicians who have let us down, who keep on disappointing us. But the wonder of all wonders, we always allow them to hoodwink us. We are all suckers for trapos perennial deceptions.

Politicians have not yet abandoned us today because it is now close to the 2020 elections. They need our votes. They continue to bribe us, hummer us, to entertain us, and to make us forget the hard realities of life, by making us dizzy with the opium of their false promises. The promise heaven, earth, the moon and the stars. They promise jobs and housing, health care and affordable education. They promise generous pensions and a community of peace and harmony, with no crimes and no terror, no drive by shootings and no murders. They promise to save us from the floods and any other calamity. They even dare to promise to abolish hurricanes and earthquakes and we continue to rely on their promises.

After elections, many of the winners will go abroad to rest and recharge from the gruelling campaign. Off to Europe to enjoy, Paris, London and Amsterdam, to spend whatever remains of the campaign contributions  given by taipans and magnates, tycoons and moguls who have businesses to be protected by the politicians who are in power. The winners go to New York, LA, San Francisco or Las Vegas to gamble, drink and enjoy the perks of victory. This is the first abandonment. Politicians will not remember their supporters. Anyway they bribed or bought most of them.

The elected member of parliament and Prime Minister will pass laws to protect their business empires of their financial contributors, their patrons and sponsors. They will pass laws that favour the elite, the capitalists, the owners of the banks and giant conglomerates. They would forget the people who elected them. Their votes were sold anyway. They will pass laws that tax the middle class to death, while the taipans continue to evade and avoid taxation and the poor and very poor have no income to be taxed. The middle class people are the number one victims of politicians. The middle class carry the burden of funding the government. They are always abandoned by the politicians.

The workers, the farmers, the fisher folk, the labourers are also abandoned by the trapos. The politicians made a lot of promises to them. They do not intend to fulfil them. Fulfilling them would mean betraying their financiers and patrons. Politicians are the most dishonest people, the most deceitful and scheming. They manipulate others, they use people and they deceive them endlessly. Only few of them are honest, God-fearing and trustworthy. You can check the numbers on the fingers of one of your hands. This very few do not abandon the people.

Perhaps our cry should be: My God, My God, Why Has Thou Allowed Politicians To Fool Us And Then Abandon Us Again.

Here is wishing all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago a safe and relaxing Easter. A time for spirituality and reflexion.