Deputy-Political Leader


deputy leader in the Westminster System of Government is the second-in-command of a political party, behind the political Leader. Deputy Leaders often become Deputy Prime Minister when their parties are elected to government. The deputy leader may take on the role of the leader if the current leader is, for some reason, unable to perform their role as leader. For example, the deputy leader often takes the place of the party leader at parliamentary sessions in their absence. They also often have other responsibilities of party management.  The Deputy Political Leader of The Organization Of Independent Candidates is Mr. Dilworth Aaron Braithwaite.

Dilworth believe that in order to unseat the unpleasantness that passes for government today, we, who share that as a common goal, and the view that change is needed, should unite at least under that premise. Like the OIC, Dilworth, supports decent and civil dialogue that leads to solutions and togetherness and not division. Firmly  treating all persons with respect regardless of their opinions and  that together we are stronger are among some of his beliefs.