Drawing O.I.C.

Welcome to the website of The Organization Of Independent Candidates.


Celebrating Our Culture, Protecting Our Integrity and Developing Hope.


A New Beginning With Hope, Prosperity and Safety.


Our Vision : 

To bring every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago under one banner to counter and/or remove the two party dominance and bring stability and harmony to the country.

The O.I.C. Is Unique In More Than One Way.

The O.I.C. has seen the need for a new approach to addressing the concerns of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The candidates associated with the O.I.C. are talented, creative ,free thinkers who have been encouraged to express themselves and their ideas freely, knowing that they are the ones who understand the people they long to represent best...The OIC is grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from all of their candidates... So in that sense they are independent indeed....



Simple Government.

A Government of The O.IC would have a trimmed Cabinet to eight Ministers, Local Government authorities would be given more power and autonomy and be funded to take care of their own roads and infrastructure, green spaces, schools, health facilities and utilities thus allowing The Central Government to be refocused on running the country. Ministers would not be selected based on affiliation or "who knows who" but on their specific qualifications and experience relative to the Ministry they would be placed in.

Prudent Legislation.

Laws would be brought to Parliament including laws to make marijuana legal, to regulate the sale and use of fireworks outside of specific periods in specific locations, to protect animals and most importantly recall legislation so that the public who voted MP's into office would be able to recall them for failure to deliver as promised. An O.I.C, Government would immediately begin work on constitutional reform to implement proportional representation since the O.I.C. is all about transparency and performance and would not need a skewed electoral process to win.


Practical Crime Solutions

The police service would get a proper training academy, police officers would be given incentives and bonuses for performance, raises and promotions commensurate with further education and proper facilities from which to operate. Trinidad & Tobago has the laws however they need to be implemented and implemented across the board equally to everyone whether farmer or politician.

Easy and Practical Government

The O.I.C would move most if not all government offices out of Port of Spain. Proper traffic planning would be implemented in the Port Of Spain areas and incentives offered for car pooling and using public transport. Red Tape and Bureaucracy would be removed to encourage foreign businesses to invest in Trinidad & Tobago.

Universal Health Care

The O.I.C. would create a universal health care system of contributory insurance that would replace the current National Insurance Program where premiums are paid based on income, persons earning minimum wage would be spared the contribution. Hospitals would be privatised and paid by the insurance plan. This move alone would slash a billion dollar burden on the state every year.


A collection of articles, papers, poems, books/ plays, aphorisms and documentaries on politics, science and religion